A​.​S. 777

by Alien Syndrome 777

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Blaine Deschain
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Blaine Deschain This album is as complete as it is short. An electronic nightmare, grim as the coldest depths of outer space, AS 777 take the listener through an apocalyptic landscape true scifi/horror fans can appreciate, BM fans can revel in, and fans of experimental avant garde metal can satiate their hunger with. The Immortal cover is masterful! Favorite track: Black Hole Generator.
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released November 9, 2009

LF_: songwriting, strings, programming, lyrics, vocals
N_ : lyrics, vocals

All the music written and recorded at Trustno1 Studios, Cesena - Italy
Vocals on track 04 by Member001 [The Konsortium]
Track 04 by Abbath/Demonaz [Immortal]
Bonus Mixes by N_
Front Artwork by N_
In memory of Joey "N_" Hopkins (1982-2008)



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Alien Syndrome 777 Cesena, Italy

“AS777 blend a veritable tour de force of high caliber avantgarde influences, ranging from Dødheimsgard, the flighty passages of Arcturus and some of the twisting fierceness of Abigor for good measure! A wonderful blend for an even better musical journey.” ... more

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Track Name: Vaporizor
The sky opens
To mysterious crystal fragments
The prismatic light of aeons
Engulfs all mater
The energy with no place to go
Invades us all!
Penetrating us all!
Devouring us all!
the glowing liquids that form
permeating all that was holy
We invade! we are all encompassing
We invade! no lines no territory
We fragment! no directional limitations
We are infinite! no fucking end no fucking beginning
The cloak of stars is ripped wide open
My jaws a black hole
Gravity my inhale
Earth matter fragile and weak
The emptiness final unstoppable
No control!
Total oppression!
Incinerating oxygen
Deteriorating patterns
This marks your discontinuation!
Track Name: My Venom
My being encompasses eons (so surrender your flesh)
Intelligence beyond your limitations (fall on to your knees slave)
Brain-waves flutter as if to escape the prison of your body!
Human dirt I tread upon you (so worship me as god)
Breath in the smoke of your dying children (as all hope fades away)
Unleash the great poison!
A torrent of infected needles!
3000 years in orbit!
The planet shatters to fragments!
Bring me your offspring so that i may incinerate them!
Instigate apocalyptic necropsy!
My venom!
My venom!
Track Name: Black Hole Generator
the black hole generator has finally built upon ruins of this world
time and space are going to be shaken, cocktails of death
fluent wormholes faster than light devouring you all,
creating gravitational fields of plasma

radiations - contaminating you soul
hysteric atoms asking for more
nuclear forces - creating contraddiction
good old big-bang and then fucking extinction

opening reactors!
dont worry will be a flick!
2 seconds and you'll die!
you're fired from this shit!

the land is now a place for particle madness
you must reconsider that thing of superiority
the party is over, how it is being a gas?
we feel so fine breathing you!

time and space are shaken cocktail of death fluent wormholes faster than light!
god will have some strange dreams looking for his sons where are they he feel so useless!